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Memories of the childhood ii

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In paintings, Shiv wants to show his collection of thoughts he has been gathering since childhood. He likes small things, moments, imaginations of his life like kites, birds, balloons, toys, playing in rain, imagining himself over the clouds, flying with kites and many such beautiful moments which almost everyone lives once in their life. The main aim of my paintings is to evoke a sense of pleasure in me as well as the viewers. The memories of my childhood are still fresh and lively in my heart. These memories serve as inspiration for me to create innovative and gleeful paintings. I strongly believe that my paintings take the viewers down the memory lane of their own childhood and they lose themselves in their happy land filled with rapture and gratification. I paint those simplistic activities that once provided us delight like flying kite, chasing a dog or playing with balloons, hats or toys. On the other hand, I am also fond of sketching and painting landscapes as nature has always been an inextricable part of our childhood.

  • MaterialCanvas
  • Painting TypeAcrylic on canvas painting
  • Size H 28 x W 28 x D 1 Inch
  • SubjectChildren
  • Orientation square
  • SurfaceAcrylic
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  • Artwork create in 2016
    That is original artwork.
    Artwork is available for prints.

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