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Why Art Lovers Should Purchase Paintings Directly From Artists

  • 10 Apr, 2017
  • Rajnandini
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As you set out to decorate your walls, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to ensure that you purchase art directly from the artist themselves. It is unadvisable to buy reproductions facilitated on stores and e-commerce platforms. Here are a few factors that add weight to this point.

1. You will possess the original masterpiece

The feeling of owning a one-of-a-kind painting is one-of-a-kind. You can even add your own special touch to it. Consequently, this unique piece of art will ensure that no one can possibly have the same décor as yours.

It is noteworthy that many online as well as physical sellers misuse the term “original” to describe a reproduction, and misguide you into thinking that the painting is the piece created by the artist.

Here are a few aspects in a painting that can help you recognize whether it is the original piece.

- The store carries a profile of the artist, comprising their picture and a biography.

- A profile of the artist along with their picture is attached to the painting.

- It is the real artist, not one using a pseudonym.

- The back of the canvas contains the signature of the painter accompanied by the title and year.

2. The artwork was created painstakingly

Original paintings have been created by the artist, with great thought and innumerable hours spent on its texture, colors, composition and blending. There are countless minute details and colors that add great depth to the painting. The artist has taken great care to plan the perfect style, medium, composition and subject for the painting. He has then primed the canvas, applied texture pulp 1 to 3 times, painted the primary subject in 1 to 5 operations, added finishing, and completed it with a top coat. Hardly any thought is put into a reproduction.

3. The painting carries a much better quality

Artists usually find glory in the use of very high-quality paint for their artworks. The three fundamental kinds of paint qualities are school quality, student quality, and artist quality, the latter obviously by far exceeding the other two. Paint is categorized on the basis of pigments used in it, the proportion of pigments to fillers, and the binding agents. The best quality will, therefore, contain expensive pigments, and negligible or no filler.

Above mentioned are but a few reasons to buy paintings from artists themselves, besides factors such as lower costs, no commission involved, higher selling price, and better interaction during purchase.