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Reasons Why Online Environment is a Prerequisite for Artists to Thrive and Survive

  • 06 Sep, 2017
  • Gaietyland
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Gone are those days, when a potential artist had to save his hard-earned cash to organize an art exhibition, in order to get his work noticed by potential buyers. The booming of the internet and telecommunication has significantly transformed the lives of the artists all across the globe. If you are still wondering, whether you should utilize the internet to promote your art or not, here are some of the reasons to get you started.

·       Online art galleries- bridging the gap between an artist and an art lover:

Online art galleries can be defined as an effective vehicle that connects the potential buyers from all over the globe to the artists directly. There are many free marketplaces, where an artist can display their artworks, without any changes. Once a buyer makes a purchase, the websites charge a nominal fee and credit the amount directly in the bank accounts of the artists.

·       Get rid of third parties or commissions:

The online platforms are not only inexpensive but are best ways to cut down the third-party commissions or charges. The process is relatively faster and convenient. Thus, the artists no longer need to devote their valuable time in the business transactions, because everything is automated.

·       Quality of your artwork remain unaltered and they are organized:

For any passionate painter or photographer, it is an arduous task to organize their art works perfectly. By uploading the pieces, all their masterpieces remain organized and stored in one place. There are wide varieties of image quality options, according to the theme or subject of the artwork designed exclusively for the artists.

·       Reach out to the potential clients easily:

If you have just started to take up the profession of painting, you can utilize the online tools to make your room in the market. Consider the option of sending e-cards or links of your collection, to the magazines, brands or other potential clients. Some of the web exhibitions tend to create stories as well, which remain attached to their work for public information. In fact, you can also send them your own articles to be published on their pages. These are certainly commendable options to reflect your aesthetic sense.

·       Prevent misuse of your artworks:

By using reputable websites to display your artworks, you can also prevent the risks of the misuse of your art piece. If you simply upload your work in the social networking sites, people are likely to access your paintings easily (even though the quality might vary). As a result, you might have a hard time protecting your painting and to avoid plagiarism. This is especially true, in case of the amateur painters or beginners. However, the reputed platforms take special care of this aspect and ensure there are least chances of your artworks being misused.

·       Get access to more traffic and increase your visuality:

Especially for the beginners, the online art galleries are great options to attract high traffic and thereby increase their visibility. In fact, many popular artists link their own websites with the art galleries, to gain more visibility.

The online art galleries also provide ample information pertaining to the art classes, exhibitions, newly launched tools and art supplies, latest news etc. Many beginners have found the online art demonstrations helpful in the long run. Besides, the discussion forums or communities can also act as a source of inspiration and a platform for exchanging ideas with like-minded people. Thus, it is needless to say that online art galleries are an indispensable part of the artists of this generation. If you want to embrace painting or photography as your fulltime profession, you must consider displaying your art online.