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Why Online Promotion is always A Win-Win Deal for Artists’

  • 12 Sep, 2017
  • Gaietyland
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When it comes to painting, many people think that it is just a leisure activity which one indulges in to get mental satisfaction. In fact, many parents freak out when they find that their children are spending excessive time painting and that they want to take it up as a full-time profession.  This is because of the preconceived notion, that professional artists or painters earn very less because it requires a lot of investments to showcase their work and eventually get noticed. This was certainly the case before the globalization era, but now the artists can get their art works noticed without even investing a penny and this is possible by promoting your art work online.

1. Create, connect, and get inspired: Indulging in your art form constantly at home, often make you feel isolated and dejected. Sometimes, you might lack the inspiration or the spirit to fill your canvas with positive vibes. It doesn't matter how unsocial you are, you can still connect with the like-minded people online and create your masterpieces. By the aid of the online art forums, you can interact with some of the genius painters of the world. Their stories, art work or their blogs will certainly inspire you to think out of the box. You can also browse through the iconic paintings of all the time to draw your inspiration.

2. Get connected with your idols: Online forums are not only great places to explore new artists or amateurs like you; it is also the platform that can connect you to those painters, whom you have admired till date. You can directly reach out to them, to know more about them or their artworks or even seek their valuable feedbacks.

3. Promote your work without revealing yourself: There are many painters across the worlds, who are introverts. They want to enter the domain, but as an invisible person. For those people too, the online art galleries are a great option. You can simply choose a pseudo name and promote your art pieces online. That way, nobody will recognize you directly.

4. Are you afraid of criticisms: Needless to say, there are many painters who are always skeptic about posting their works online because their worst fear is criticism? In many of the online galleries, there are three separate forums for the ones who don't want to get their work criticized, the ones who are only posting their work for technical feedbacks of reputed painters, and the ones who are open for any feedback, comment or criticism. This is a great opportunity, to start showcasing your work, without inviting any criticisms.

5. Join the online learning programs to get even better: In many of the online forums, there are learning forums which are designed to assist the beginners or anyone who seeks assistance. The general discussions about art work, history, tools and techniques or subjects are also very inspiring. Sometimes, there are webinars, videos or even campaigns being organized to benefit the artists in every possible way.

6. Take part in the weekly or monthly competitions: The online forums tend to arrange an array of painting competitions or challenges. They will even provide you a subject or photographs, to draw your inspiration from. These are very effective, in improving your thinking capabilities and also get your artwork noticed by reputed magazines, websites or companies, who might turn out to be your potential clients in the long run. Besides, some of these monthly competitions also offer amazing prizes or goodies! What can be better than this additional bonus?

So, join the online forums and reap the maximum benefits through your online presence!